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Do You Know “What Monsters Do”? [REVIEW]

Lucy and I had the pleasure of seeing What Monsters Do at The Eclectic Theatre in Camden last Sunday evening. Being such massive fans of Nicholas Vince’s original book, there was absolutely no way we’d […]

Oct, 31

Can You Solve “The Puzzle” (2008)? [REVIEW]

    Italian film-maker Davide Melini brings us a five-minute short about a woman that refuses to give money to her son,who has been constantly pressuring her into doing it. It’s a straightforward idea that is […]

Feb, 03

Not Your “Familiar” (2012) Horror Film [REVIEW]

Time and time again, I am overwhelmed by the ingenious ideas that are developed into short films. In a world where it seems that every film idea has already been done before, I still find myself stumbling […]

Jan, 19

“Mum & Dad” (2008) Aren’t Average, But The Film Is [REVIEW]

I love watching British horror films and frequently sing their praises, as I’m proud of the films that are crafted on home turf. However, this film did not fully live up to my expectations.  Mum […]

Jan, 05

Give Me the “Remote” [REVIEW]

  With a runtime of almost 20 minutes, Remote is the longest film that production company “Red Sneakers Media” have created so far. In 2009, the film had a two year festival run, playing in the […]

Jan, 02

successmontage presents: “2013 Films that I Can’t Wait to See”.

2013 is just around the corner, and with it, it’s bringing a whole host of new films. From remakes of horror classics to bizarre comedy-horrors, find out what I’ll be first in line to see next […]

Dec, 23

I’m Dreaming of a “Black Christmas” (1974) [REVIEW]

Although there is an abundance of Christmas horror films out there, none of them are particularly entertaining. The majority of the ones I’ve stumbled across are tacky, predictable b-movies that are more comedic than scary. […]

Dec, 21


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