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Inescapable Horror in “An Insomniac’s Nightmare” (2003) [REVIEW]

Sleeplessness is a universal complaint. Almost everyone has experienced at least one bad night, where sleep remains just out of grasp and their eyes stay fixed on the ceiling until sunrise. However, not everyone has […]

Jan, 15

“Mum & Dad” (2008) Aren’t Average, But The Film Is [REVIEW]

I love watching British horror films and frequently sing their praises, as I’m proud of the films that are crafted on home turf. However, this film did not fully live up to my expectations.  Mum […]

Jan, 05

Take a Ride on the HORROR EXPRESS [Review]

Horror film fan favorites Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing are back together again in 1972’s Horror Express, a tale of prehistoric terror set aboard a moving train. Unfortunately for both veterans stars, the promising premise […]

Dec, 19

Are You Ready to See “The Last Horror Movie” (2003)? [REVIEW]

If you’re looking for a pointless, mindless gorefest, do not watch this movie. If you want a teenage slasher film, don’t bother with this one. But if you’re looking for an example of real horror, […]

Dec, 01

When It Was Scary: A Look At Young Adult Horror of the Past

If you look at a Young Adult horror fiction shelf in your local bookstore (assuming you still HAVE a local bookstore), you’ll notice some very obvious trends. First and foremost, vampires and werewolves are EVERYWHERE. […]

Sep, 28


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