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It’s No Surprise “The Earth Rejects Him” (2011) [REVIEW]

  The Earth Rejects Him is the second short film by an American director named Jared Skolnick. With a runtime of almost 26 minutes, it is the longest short film I’ve seen so far, and as […]

Jan, 12

“The Institution”: A Glimpse of a Feature Film That Never Was [Review]

  “The Institution” brings nothing new to the horror genre. Much of the plot and premise are standards of the horror industry: an abandoned asylum cut off from civilization, a legendary killer, a small group […]

Dec, 10

William Shatner Screams Like a Girl: A Review of “The Devil’s Rain” (1975)

This is either the worst horror movie I have ever seen, or the funniest horror movie I have ever seen; I can’t quite decide.   Tom Skerritt and William Shatner star as brothers, alongside Ernest […]

Nov, 13

Keeping Horror in the Family with “The Hamiltons” [REVIEW]

The Hamiltons opens with a scene familiar to any horror fan: a dazed and scantily clad young woman (Sweet Valley High’s Brittany Daniel), moving about a dark and dank room in search of an escape, […]

Nov, 11

[REVIEW] Slither (2006): Modern Creature Feature Gold

In all honestly, Slither doesn’t break any new ground. The idea of a parasitic creature falling from the sky to begin a campaign of feeding and enslavement of the human race has been put to […]

Oct, 21

[REVIEW] Session 9 (2001)

Few things are creepier than the horror-standard abandoned mental institution.  While this spooky setting is a common ploy in horror films, few have made such perfect use of it as 2001’s release Session 9.  The plot […]

Oct, 15


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