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Spend Some Quality Time with Nana and Pop Pop with THE VISIT (or, really, don’t)

M. Night Shyamalan is a fairly polarizing filmmaker. After the groundbreaking twist ending to his 1999 film The Sixth Sense, his films have nearly all tried to recreate the shocking finale that made him famous, […]

Sep, 12 · in Author: dew

Halo: Nightfall; Survival – A Choice?

For those of you who recognize the title, Halo is a series of X Box games created by Bungie, now managed and developed by 343 Industries, an offshoot of Microsoft. It’s a first-person shooter set […]

LEGION: Flesh Eating Demon Grannies and Other Fun Party Tricks for the Apocalypse [Review]

So JARVIS shows up at a desert diner populated by Private Practice’s Addison, Supernatural’s Jessica Moore, NCIS: New Orlean’s LaSalle, Roc, Remy McSwain, and more. Waiting for the punchline? Well, keep waiting. This diner is […]

Mar, 14

Fun Times With Blood, Guts, and Braaaaiiinns

Some times, we just want to laugh with a splash of the grotesque and bad puns.  In classic Stephen Jackson Games fashion, may I present Munchkin Zombies and Munchkin Bites.  If you are unfamiliar with […]

Dec, 05

“The New Neighbor” and the Perils of Crowdfunding

It is with great regret we report to you that The New Neighbor, a horror film that had been funded via two separate Kickstarter campaigns and helmed by former horror blogger Brandon Sites, is panning […]

Nov, 30

CONSTANTINE on NBC: Why Aren’t You Watching?

Whispers of a major television series based on the Hellblazer comics hit the web fairly early on in the series’ development and set hopes high for an adaptation loyal to the source material. The comic’s […]

Nov, 24

Welcome to the World’s First Feature Length Claysplotation Film! An Interview with Lee Hardcastle

If there was ever a crowdfunding gig for you to back, this is the one. Claymation expert Lee Hardcastle is currently raising money for his first feature length claysplotation film, SPOOK TRAIN. You probably know […]

Mar, 19




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