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“The Walking Dead:” Andrea’s Choice

This episode was a little slower than last week’s, but there was a lot of good character development. Below is a very detailed description of tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, titled, “I Ain’t No […]

Feb, 25

“Sinister” (2012) Delivers Unexpected Scares

I’ve wanted to see Sinister since I first saw previews for it months ago. I should note that I rarely ever go to theaters to see movies unless it just seems like I won’t get […]

Feb, 24

“The Walking Dead:” Big Truckin’ Surprises

At first this episode, titled “Home,” was kind of slow, but the last fifteen minutes are ones that you don’t want to miss if you’ve DVR’d to watch later. For those who can’t watch right […]

Feb, 18

“The Walking Dead” Returns With Killer Mid-Season Premiere

Warning: Below is a very in-depth recap of tonight’s episode of “The Walking Dead” titled ‘The Suicide King.’ MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! At Woodbury, the crowd calls for the deaths of Daryl and Merle. Andrea steps […]

Feb, 11

Getting On Track With “The Walking Dead:” Season Three So Far

It’s almost time. There’s only ONE week left before The Walking Dead returns for the rest of its third season run. Are YOU ready? I know I am. But for those of you who still […]

Feb, 03

Get On Track With “The Walking Dead”: Season Two Recap

  With only a couple of weeks until The Walking Dead returns for the rest of its third season run, I have to admit that I am getting very antsy.  So here’s a recap of […]

Jan, 27

The X-Files: Season One Scares

Okay, so it’s not exactly new (and by that, I mean it’s from the 1990’s). But if you’re looking for a few hours of good, creepy fun, you should consider watching (or re-watching) The X-Files. […]

Jan, 13


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