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This is Not “Mama”‘s House (2013)

I’m always a bit wary when it comes to horror movies without any “big name” stars in them. The ones I’ve seen generally make me roll my eyes and sometimes they’re so bad I can’t […]

Jun, 24

Things Not What They Seem in “House At the End of the Street” (2012)

The House at the End of the Street wasn’t at all what I was expecting. It was better. This is one movie that fellow horror fans need to see if you haven’t already. There’s a unique […]

Apr, 13

“The Walking Dead:” Tombstone

I’m so not ready for this season to be over. And this episode was intense. And rough. If you missed it and you don’t want to be spoiled, do NOT continue reading because MAJOR spoilers […]

Apr, 01

“The Haunting of the Whaley House” (2012) Delivers More Laughs Than Scares

If you’re looking for a good haunted house movie, The Haunting of the Whaley House is…not going to be it. Probably. I sat down to watch this movie on Netflix this afternoon, excited to come […]

Mar, 25

“The Walking Dead:” Blood Brothers

As a head’s up, this is the first episode this season that literally had me staring in shock at the television. Even though “Killer Within” was shocking, I feel rather devastated as I write this. […]

Mar, 25

“The Walking Dead:” Run, Andrea, Run.

The twists and turns. Well. I don’t quite know yet how I feel about tonight’s episode, but it was intense. For some more than others. So here we go: if you don’t want to read […]

Mar, 18

“The Walking Dead:” Eye to Eyes

Well, I apologize for not recapping last week. My computer bit the dust. But I’m back with this week’s recap of “Arrow on the Doorpost.” Be warned, ahead lies VERY detailed spoilers. Rick and Daryl […]

Mar, 11


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