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“Help! There’s zombies in your toilet!” – A review of Stalled (2013)

    After missing this film at Film4 Frightfest in August, I finally had the chance to see it at the Prince Charles Cinema in London alongside a special Q&A session hosted by Flickering Myth. […]

Nov, 19

Do You Know “What Monsters Do”? [REVIEW]

Lucy and I had the pleasure of seeing What Monsters Do at The Eclectic Theatre in Camden last Sunday evening. Being such massive fans of Nicholas Vince’s original book, there was absolutely no way we’d […]

Oct, 31

“The Bunnyman Massacre” (2011) : Probably the Worst Slasher Film Ever

  This is yet another slasher film which advertises itself with the “Based on a true story” tagline. After some research, the ‘true story’ can be found here, though it appears to be more of an […]

Aug, 17

Are You Brave Enough to See “The Conjuring”? (2013) [REVIEW]

The Conjuring is James Wan’s sixth feature-length film, which follows the true case of Ed and Lorraine Warren, paranormal investigators whose cases have inspired films such as The Amityville Horror and The Haunting in Connecticut. […]

Aug, 07

Feed Your Fear: A Review of NBC’S “Hannibal” (2013)

  Being an avid fan of Thomas Harris’ Hannibal tetralogy, I will admit that when I first heard about the plans to remake Hannibal into a TV show, I wasn’t too impressed. Too often, franchises receive […]

Jun, 22

Taking Postnatal Depression to the Extremes: “Baby Blues” (2008) [REVIEW]

  Note: This film is also called “Cradle Will Fall”, but I will be reviewing it under its original title. “Cradle Will Fall” is the title of the DVD release. (as shown above)   Baby […]

Mar, 03 EXCLUSIVE: An Interview with Fatal Pictures

Fatal Pictures are an independent production company based in Toronto, Canada. The company was founded in 2007 by Richard Powell and Zach Green, who wanted to focus strongly on genre films. To date they have […]

Feb, 08


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