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CONSTANTINE on NBC: Why Aren’t You Watching?

Whispers of a major television series based on the Hellblazer comics hit the web fairly early on in the series’ development and set hopes high for an adaptation loyal to the source material. The comic’s […]

Nov, 24

Nationalizing Horror with ‘Nightmares in Red, White, and Blue’ [REVIEW]

There are many kinds of horror fans: there are those who are in it for the gore and violence, those who are in it for the all too often flashes of bare skin, and even […]

Oct, 29

Do You Want to Know the Secrets of THE PACT? [2012] Probably Not.

The Pact begins much the same as many haunted house films fraught with family secrets: the matriarch of the family is dead and the younger generation, now scattered to the four winds, must return home […]

Jul, 03

Fangs For the Memories: Vampires on Film in the 21st Century

There were a lot of things promised to us as children about the future we would one day experience, particularly of the dawning of the new millennium in the year 2000. Sadly, our flying cars, […]

Jun, 30

Deconstructing Disney: The Original Scary Tales Behind Walt’s Fairy Tales

Everyone knows the stories: beautiful young women, tormented by evil queens and wicked stepmothers, only to be rescued and drawn into a life of luxury by their one true love, conveniently a handsome prince. When […]

May, 29

“Jack’s Back”… But Not For Good [REVIEW]

Opening with a grainy line of credits and an oh-so-80’s theme, Jack’s Back is a true product of its era. The setup to the film is quickly spelled out in the first five minutes, as […]

Mar, 20

Bloody Good Fun: Vampires on Film IV, The 1990’s

As the 1990’s began, it seemed that the latest influx of vampire films had taken a good deal of inspiration from 1987’s The Lost Boys. The time-honored trope of the older, suave, and genteel male vampire […]

Mar, 11


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