Deconstructing Disney: The Original Scary Tales Behind Walt’s Fairy Tales

Everyone knows the stories: beautiful young women, tormented by evil queens and wicked stepmothers, only to be rescued and drawn into a life of luxury by their one true love, conveniently a handsome prince. When […]

May, 29

Josh Wood’s Short Horror Fiction “REFERENCES”

But I spotted him again, this time not in the park but on the high street. He wouldn’t recognise me assuming he was as stoned as he looked. I crossed the street and followed him […]

May, 15

Caveat Emptor: NEEDFUL THINGS (1993) Review

Like most horror nuts, I am a fan of the works of Stephen King. The Shining and IT are two of the scariest books I’ve ever read, and while he does have a tendency to stretch plots beyond their […]

May, 13

Helen Martin’s Short Horror Fiction “DESIRES OF THE FLESH”

He had always been fascinated by humans. He remembered sitting in his classroom listening to Mrs Woodhouse, and focusing on the beating pulse on the side of her neck. Beat Beat Beat It never wavered, […]

May, 07


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