Hop For Your Life! THE JITTERS (1989) Review

Oriental culture has always made for popular cinema, as evidenced by the ever-growing popularity of directors from the Far East, immortal martial arts films, J-horror, etc. Of course, there are always going to be those […]

Apr, 14

Things Not What They Seem in “House At the End of the Street” (2012)

The House at the End of the Street wasn’t at all what I was expecting. It was better. This is one movie that fellow horror fans need to see if you haven’t already. There’s a unique […]

Apr, 13

Battle Royale – The Ultimate Box Set [REVIEW]

So today I received this magnificent box-set in the post – Arrow’s Limited Edition to 10,000 copies of Battle Royale (Blu Ray). As soon as I opened it, I knew I had to do some kind of review, because to […]

Apr, 12

“The Walking Dead:” Tombstone

I’m so not ready for this season to be over. And this episode was intense. And rough. If you missed it and you don’t want to be spoiled, do NOT continue reading because MAJOR spoilers […]

Apr, 01


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