Is ‘The Secret World’ Worth Your Time? Or Is It Best Left a Secret?

You lay soundlessly asleep in your bed, a long day of work finally over, the window open to let in the cold night air, and just one tiny bee. Your lips parted just enough for […]

Jan, 10

DOGS VS CATS: A Serious Look at House Pet Horror Villains

Horror films have always had a certain knack for taking the mundane aspects of every day life and turning them against us. We have seen cars turn on their owners, the electricity in a home gain sentience […]

Jan, 08

Get On Track With”The Walking Dead”: Season One Recap

Who among us hasn’t at least heard of AMC’s The Walking Dead? If you haven’t, or if you haven’t made time to check it out, please tune your dials to AMC at 9:00PM Eastern time […]

Jan, 07

“Mum & Dad” (2008) Aren’t Average, But The Film Is [REVIEW]

I love watching British horror films and frequently sing their praises, as I’m proud of the films that are crafted on home turf. However, this film did not fully live up to my expectations.  Mum […]

Jan, 05

Real Life Horror: The Lipstick Killer of Chicago

WARNING: This article contains images and descriptions of real crimes and crime scenes. Reader discretion is advised. Horror isn’t always about make-believe monsters. True crime stories have provided the inspiration for dozens of horror movies. […]

Jan, 04

SUCK IT: Vampires on Film, Part II

By the dawning of the 1960’s, it seemed the world had seen just about everything left to see. Two wars to end all wars, half the world bombed to hell, mass genocide, the threat of […]

Jan, 04

Have You Tried ‘Soy Sauce’? “John Dies At The End” (2012) [REVIEW]

Phantasm director, Don Coscarelli goes above and beyond the usual format for a horror/comedy film. Based on the 2007 novel; John Dies at the End, from writer Jason Pargin (published under the pseudonym David Wong), […]

Jan, 03


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