Tony Vilgotsky’s Short Horror Fiction: “TREVOR” – Be Careful Who You’re Friends With!

TONY VILGOTSKY’S TREVOR Joey spent his childhood in a normal school, where he wasn’t even a little bit respected by his classmates. He had no friends, had no one to spend time with and even […]

Jan, 17 EXCLUSIVE: An Interview with Paul Hyett

Paul Hyett is best known for his makeup/prosthetics work within the world of horror. Working on some of the biggest films such as; THE DESCENT (2005), EDEN LAKE (2008) and DOOMSDAY (2008), he has built […]

Jan, 16

Inescapable Horror in “An Insomniac’s Nightmare” (2003) [REVIEW]

Sleeplessness is a universal complaint. Almost everyone has experienced at least one bad night, where sleep remains just out of grasp and their eyes stay fixed on the ceiling until sunrise. However, not everyone has […]

Jan, 15

First Horror Movie Of 2013: ATTACK OF THE BEAST CREATURES (1985) Review

One of my most important traditions of the year is the horror movie I watch to kick off the start of a brand-new movie-viewing season. Not just any movie, however; a horror movie. Why? Well, […]

Jan, 14

The X-Files: Season One Scares

Okay, so it’s not exactly new (and by that, I mean it’s from the 1990’s). But if you’re looking for a few hours of good, creepy fun, you should consider watching (or re-watching) The X-Files. […]

Jan, 13

It’s No Surprise “The Earth Rejects Him” (2011) [REVIEW]

  The Earth Rejects Him is the second short film by an American director named Jared Skolnick. With a runtime of almost 26 minutes, it is the longest short film I’ve seen so far, and as […]

Jan, 12 EXCLUSIVE: A Candid Interview with The Twisted Twins!

Taking over the horror industry are a set of twins that go by the name of Jen and Sylvia Soska. Previously working on the low-budgeted exploitation film – DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK, they return […]

Jan, 10


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