Real Life Horror: The Satanic Cult Killings of Fall River

WARNING: This article contains descriptions of real crimes and crime scenes. Reader discretion is advised. Horror isn’t always about make-believe monsters. True crime stories have provided the inspiration for dozens of horror movies. Sometimes, the […]

Jan, 31

Get On Track With “The Walking Dead”: Season Two Recap

  With only a couple of weeks until The Walking Dead returns for the rest of its third season run, I have to admit that I am getting very antsy.  So here’s a recap of […]

Jan, 27

Fangs a Lot: Vampires on Film, Part III – The 1980’s

When I began compiling my list for the 80’s and 90’s, I realized I had far more material I wanted to talk about than could be confined to a single post. So I made the […]

Jan, 27

Never Touch The Crosses: THE KEEP (1983) Review

Well, I just finished Nightworld, the final book in F. Paul Wilson’s Adversary Cycle series, and what a journey it has been. I first read The Keep after watching the movie, and it soon became (and remains) my […]

Jan, 24

Is ‘Painkiller:Overdose’ A Good Fix, Or Is It Too Much? [REVIEW]

Painkiller:Overdose is a stand-alone expansion pack for the first-person shooter Painkiller, developed by Mindware Studios, who made the god-awful Dreamkiller, and Cold War. It started out as a fan-made game mod, but Dreamcatcher, the publisher […]

Jan, 23

Clean-Up On Aisle Nine: INTRUDER (1989) Review

After the success of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead II, it was going to take five years before the follow-up (and the greatest movie ever made), Army of Darkness, would see release. In that time period, Raimi made […]

Jan, 21

Not Your “Familiar” (2012) Horror Film [REVIEW]

Time and time again, I am overwhelmed by the ingenious ideas that are developed into short films. In a world where it seems that every film idea has already been done before, I still find myself stumbling […]

Jan, 19


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