“The Institution”: A Glimpse of a Feature Film That Never Was [Review]

  “The Institution” brings nothing new to the horror genre. Much of the plot and premise are standards of the horror industry: an abandoned asylum cut off from civilization, a legendary killer, a small group […]

Dec, 10

Horror & Suspense in Hitchcock’s Taut “ROPE” [REVIEW]

There aren’t many horror films that portray their first and only murder within the first five minutes of the film, but then Alfred Hitchcock was never much one for convention. Rope’s singular hapless victim is dispensed with quickly […]

Dec, 03

The End is Nigh in “Apocalypse” (2012) [REVIEW]

Psychological illusionist Derren Brown began his television work in 2000 with a six-part television series called Mind Control, after he was asked by UK Channel 4 to put together a mind-reading programme. In 2003, he gained […]

Dec, 02

Are You Ready to See “The Last Horror Movie” (2003)? [REVIEW]

If you’re looking for a pointless, mindless gorefest, do not watch this movie. If you want a teenage slasher film, don’t bother with this one. But if you’re looking for an example of real horror, […]

Dec, 01


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