[Review] Lot 13 #1 – Suburbia’s Never Been So Terrifying!

LOT 13 is a five part, haunted house series from DC Entertainment, which was released on Halloween this year.  Steve Niles (notable works – 30 DAYS OF NIGHT and SIMON DARK), takes charge in the […]

Nov, 13

[REVIEW] – Zombie Games

The free games site ‘’ hosts many horror themed games on its site, but the best games lie in the zombie section. There are 99 zombie games that can be played online, and only take […]

Nov, 13

Keeping Horror in the Family with “The Hamiltons” [REVIEW]

The Hamiltons opens with a scene familiar to any horror fan: a dazed and scantily clad young woman (Sweet Valley High’s Brittany Daniel), moving about a dark and dank room in search of an escape, […]

Nov, 11

[REVIEW] Treasure Chest of Horrors (2012)

TREASURE CHEST OF HORRORS features four short films, from three of America’s most indie directors. It starts with Percival the Pirate (Paymon Seyedi), hunting around an empty beach for his grandpappy’s hidden treasure. Very quickly […]

Nov, 05

[REVIEW] The Bay (2012)

You may wonder why the Oscar award winning director; Barry Levinson, decided to work on a found footage horror film, which is leagues apart from his usual drama films. After watching THE BAY however, it […]

Nov, 05


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