From the mind of Mauro Borrelli, comes THE GHOSTMAKER (renamed from BOX OF SHADOWS), a supernatural thriller highlighting the thin line between life and death. A group of college students come across a coffin like […]

Nov, 18

Another One Bites the Dust: ABC Officially Cancels “666 Park Avenue”

ABC, the network that seemingly hates paranormal drama, has done what we’ve all expected them to do and officially cancelled their latest supernatural offering, 666 Park Avenue. The series, which stars ABC veteran actors Vanessa […]

Nov, 18

Overweight Zombies Resurrect The Missing Link: CURSE OF THE BLUE LIGHTS (1988) Review

Magnum Entertainment and I don’t exactly have a very good relationship. Magnum was a home video company in the eighties, and it seems (to me at least) that they went out of their way to […]

Nov, 17

Just a GUT Feeling: A Review of Elias’ “GUT” (2012)

  Gut opens to an intriguing start, with the labored breathing of an unseen victim soon eclipsed by the image of a man, spattered in blood, leaned over the body. Just as quickly, the image […]

Nov, 16

“Excision” (2012) [REVIEW]

I first read about Excision when it was featured in Film4’s FrightFest All Nighter this past year; after reading the synopses of all the films, I concluded that this one sounded superior to the others, and I can […]

Nov, 16

BITE ME: Vampires on Film, Part I

I have no problem admitting that I love vampires. There has always been something alluring and just a little sexy about the idea of a sinister and ever-youthful blood drinker stalking the shadows. The stories […]

Nov, 16

William Shatner Screams Like a Girl: A Review of “The Devil’s Rain” (1975)

This is either the worst horror movie I have ever seen, or the funniest horror movie I have ever seen; I can’t quite decide.   Tom Skerritt and William Shatner star as brothers, alongside Ernest […]

Nov, 13


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