[REVIEW] Theatre of the Deranged (2012)

If you’re looking for something well-written and scary, then I’d stay away from this film, far away from this film. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something entertaining, over the top and you’re […]

Oct, 31

Bloody-Mess.Net EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW With Paranormal Activity 4 Director Ariel Schulman

Recently, associate editor SICKKGIRL had the fantastic opportunity to interview Ariel Schulman, co-director of the fourth installment of the wildly popular Paranormal Activity series, as well as the documentary film Catfish. With the series developing into one […]

Oct, 23

[ARTICLE] Paranormal Activity 5 Viral Marketing

It was confirmed today that there would be a Paranormal Activity 5, being released in time for Halloween 2013, but other news about the film surfaced as fans looked into the franchise more. On several […]

Oct, 22

[REVIEW] Slither (2006): Modern Creature Feature Gold

In all honestly, Slither doesn’t break any new ground. The idea of a parasitic creature falling from the sky to begin a campaign of feeding and enslavement of the human race has been put to […]

Oct, 21

[ARTICLE] The Human Centipede II (2011) and A Serbian Film (2010) vs. Censorship

Sexually violent films are a small minority in the world of film, although they are starting to gain bigger and bigger audiences. In the past, sexually violent films such as The Last House on the […]

Oct, 19

[REVIEW] Session 9 (2001)

Few things are creepier than the horror-standard abandoned mental institution.  While this spooky setting is a common ploy in horror films, few have made such perfect use of it as 2001’s release Session 9.  The plot […]

Oct, 15

[REVIEW] The Zombie King (2012)

THE ZOMBIE KING is the debut feature length British horror/comedy film by Aidan Belizaire. It features a group of locals, trapped in a small English countryside town as the army try to combat the hordes […]

Oct, 14


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