[REVIEW] Scream (1996)

Though Wes Craven is best remembered for his earlier efforts in the horror genre, 1996′s teen slasher film Scream still remains not only one of the best of Craven’s later projects, but one of the best unapologetic […]

Sep, 11

[REVIEW] Next Door (Naboer)

Things just aren’t shaping up too well for John (Kristoffer Joner) lately.  His girlfriend has left him, and apparently already moved on to a new relationship.  Worse still, she seems to have developed some fear […]

Sep, 06

[REVIEW] Shallow Grave (1994)

Can you really trust your friends?  The people you see nearly every day, who know all your big secrets and all your little lies?  Would you trust them with your life?  With someone else’s?  These […]

Sep, 05

[REVIEW] LovecraCked! The Movie

When a film promises horror and comedy inspired by H.P. Lovecraft and in the tradition of George Romero, with a Monty Python-esque twist added for good measure, it can make a viewer very skeptical. However, […]

Sep, 05


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