When It Was Scary: A Look At Young Adult Horror of the Past

If you look at a Young Adult horror fiction shelf in your local bookstore (assuming you still HAVE a local bookstore), you’ll notice some very obvious trends. First and foremost, vampires and werewolves are EVERYWHERE. […]

Sep, 28

[REVIEW] Frightfest the 13th – Part 1

I found out last year about Frightfest (the UK’s biggest horror film festival), by accident looking up information about FINAL DESTINATION 5. I attended only the opening night due to moving house, but swore I’d […]

Sep, 28

Everything You Ever Were Afraid Of: Stephen King’s IT (1990)

[Warning: The following review contains some spoilers] There has to be a great degree of difficulty in cramming a 1000+ page horror novel into a 192 minute made-for-television film, but based on the work of […]

Sep, 25

[REVIEW] Red Eye (2005)

Horror movies can be terribly clichéd. The genre has, in recent years, been overrun with either PG-13 hack-and-slash routines, or over the top ultra-violent films that bank more on shock value than on real substance.  […]

Sep, 19

“Halloween” Re-Release: First List of Participating Theaters Out

Yes! Finally! The first list of theaters participating in the October re-release of the 1978 classic “Halloween” has been released! Some of these theaters already have tickets available for purchase. Not listed at a theater […]

Sep, 14

[REVIEW] The Bunny Game (2010)

For a film that was banned in the UK for showing graphic scenes of sexualised violence, it certainly wasn’t as hardcore as I was expecting. Not once throughout the film did I think that this […]

Sep, 14

“Halloween” Theater Re-Release Poster Revealed

A new poster for the re-release of Halloween into theaters this October has been revealed on! A stylish take on the original, the one-sheet poster features seasonal orange tones on white backing, and will be […]

Sep, 14


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